Small Groups

Growing is better in circles! Groups are a great way to connect.  

Our Small Group Schedule


Married Couples  in Royal Room – 9:00 AM (Matt & Dana Dolch, Jordan & Trisha Schlake)
Mixed Adults - Growing in Faith Together - 9:00 AM (Jared Patterson)
Mixed Adults - NEW! - 9:00 AM (Curtis Rogers)
Mixed Adults - Just Digging Deeper - 10:30 AM (Chuck Glenn)
Mixed Adults-Bible Study by the Book – 10:30 AM (Sid Swanson)
Worship Team  - Philippians Focus - 10:50 AM (Mitch Larson)
Grand People – Seniors – 10:30 AM (Pastor Scott)
Mixed Adults - Meets at Stanleys - Evenings (Mark & Stef Geist)


Women – 6:30 PM South Lincoln (Sandra Miller)
Women – 6:30 PM at Calvary (Kacey Petit)
Women   – 6:40 PM Northwest Lincoln (Collette McCurdy & Lisa Kirchhoff)
NEW! Men - 6:30 PM South Lincoln (Gus Miller)


Men – 6:00 AM at Calvary (Pastor Scott)
Women – 1:00 PM  at Calvary (Amy Rogers)
Women  – 6:45 PM at Calvary (Tonja Bohling)
Men – 6:45 PM at Calvary (Terry Strode)
Special Education Adults – 6:45 PM at Calvary  (John Perry)


NEW! Mixed Adults  - 6:30 PM at church (Beverly Knight-Henry)
NEW! Mixed Adults - 6:30 PM Northwest Lincoln  (Jeff & Tammy Eckley)
Women – 7:30 PM on Zoom (Kelly Sparr)
Mixed Adults  – 6:30 PM Northwest Lincoln (Lord Ameyaw)


Saturday Morning Sunshine Circle  – 2nd & 4th 8:30 AM at Calvary (Vickie Cox)*
IronMen – 2nd & 4th 7:30 AM at Calvary (Scott Wiles)*

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This fall our groups will be going through a very special study that connects
with our Sunday morning study in Philippians!

It's a great opportunity to take in God's Word and live it out with encouragement from others.  

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